A Summer to Simmer

The Manila summer season is just barely reaching its boiling point. The sensation of warm sand granules between the toes, ice cold beer in your left hand and a half lit cigarette on the other, all under the hot crimson afternoon sun.

More excitement for the best part? None. It’s because I’ll be sitting this one out.

boracay 2005No bore me out at Bora this time.


Replacing the blue, seducing seas with damp, freezing, after-winter air.

Sinugba for grilled whoppers, margaritas for black coffee, migrating seals for blue seal, sun-burnt shoulders for cozy windbreakers.

In a manner of seeing it, it sucks.

All there is, is to sway that humble gaze, pack the backpacks full and look forward to the sakura trees grown on foreign soil.


Another Hot J-Pop Chick (Keep ’em Coming!)

Here’s another specimen that just got in through my radar. She sang the ending credits for the new season of Gundam 00. As always, I am quite impressed with the latest installment, and the soundtrack is pretty good,far better than those featured on Gundam Seed. The second ending credit for the this season gets the hair on the back of my neck tingling when I listen to it, and the animation sequence goes along well for the rhythm. . I found at that the singer is a hot korean-japanese-Los Angeles born chick named Yuna Ito. Eureka! My google-fu hasn’t failed me.

She’s so….hot.

yuna-ito 220px-YunaItoGroink Yuna Ito castproblems

She looks like a cross between Aubrey Miles, a bit of Nikki Gil and a younger version of Barbie Almalbis. Talent and anime-looks make a good tandem.


And I do look for lyric translations, I believe that the Japanese are profound lyricists. These days, most of their poetry are pretty much inserted into their music. I noticed that their songs may sound like your typical ballad, but if you listen closely and check out the words used, the lyrics and the thought widely deal with humanity and social issues, freedom,self-realization, ideals, nostalgia, and a little but not the overwhelmingly mushy “I love you – you love me” redundant stanzas (Yeah, it’s their “itsumo” thing). Don’t forget the hopeless romantic element.

Some excerpts from the lyric translation I got, and the thumb set of Gundam 00 Season 2 end credits at the bottom:

hana ha kaze ni yureodoru youni
ame ha daichi wo uroosu youni
kono sekai ha yorisoiai ikiteru noni
naze hito ha kizutsukeau no
naze wakare ha otozureru no

Flowers dance in the wind,
rain moistens the Earth…
If everyone in this world want to live together,
why do they hurt each other?
Why do they separate?

sekai no hate wo dare ga mita no
tabi no owari wo dare ga tsugeru no
ima ha kotae ga mienakute nagai yoru demo
shinjita michi wo susunde hoshii
sono saki ni hikari ga matsu kara

Who has seen the world’s end?
Who informed us of the Journey’s End?
I can’t see the answer now, but even in long nights,
I hope you’ll continue on the path you believe in
because a light is waiting for you.


Windows Live Writer ~ A Test Drive

Yesh. I’m trying this one out. Hopefully, all goes well. No more mis-refreshing.

No Posts, yeah, stop the slur.

Yeah. That’s zero, nada, zip, nil..

Been quite pre-occupied with a lot of stuff lately, so haven’t been able o get any posts done. All blog entries I happened to make at this point are still on their draft forms, I will try to get them all up as soon as my free time allows it.

Some titles on the pipeline for dunongkalye:

– Gone in 6 Seconds, Quick Escape Out of Windows Vista (Tutorial);
– P.S.P. ~ Please Stay on Portable (Ranting);
– A World Full of Play-Safes (Ranting);
– Games on my Hit List( mock title for my new blog section).

Thanks to everyone who never get tired of leaving their comments. Ill try to get them up all soon. Also, I am thinking of migrating this blog to a stand-alone website. Been studying joomla for quite some time now, and this site’s implementation could most likely be my very first web dev project.

Watch out for updates soon.

The Joys of Public Urination

And some pictures to prove it!!!!



McDonald’s El Bimbo Meal

Talk about the power of TV advertising. Had lunch in McDonald’s Greenbelt today, and the combo, although not on the official menu, is taking cashier booths by storm.

just a mock up poster ad I made

I went for the usual, chicken, fries, soda and extra barbecue sauce. If I’m in an extra state of nostalgia from that e-heads song, or perhaps when nobody’s looking, I think I could slip in and order one for takeout, which I presume however is most unlikely to happen.

It’s a weird combination.  Something sweet and something salty. The melodramatic tune fits perfectly with the tragedy of the first love that ain’t meant to be at the end, as cleverly depicted in the minute-long  commercial.

As surprising to realize, we do get a taste of familiar scenes during the course of our everyday  lives.

Just like dipping fries on a choco-vanilla sundae,  life indeed at times, could be bittersweet.


– Click for the Mcdo Vid on Youtube

– Click for the Song Stream in Imeem

Women According to Engineers

Had a good laugh after reading some mails from my SPAM Bin. These have been out for quite a while now, thought of giving them a good place to post.  Accolades to the twisted yet brilliant minds who have cracked the nut on what have been plaguing scientists for many decades.  Now the proof is out and its time to compare your notes, I know a lot of you reader’s there will find it hilarious, men, or women alike.

By the way, my apologies for not being able to post updates on the DOST-NBI clearance guides. I will try to get to your comments soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the following results of years of research::

Theory A: The formula to Demise


Theory B: HazMat Warning


Theory C: Under d’ Saya Transformation Graph

p3Theory D: Variable Switch Circus


Theory E: The Long Winding Road


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